Mission Statement

A little bit about the station and its host.

It's a pleasure to have you listening and to be able to try and help you guys during this trying time.

So I should introduce my self, My name is Liam and I’m a key worker at Headway SELNWK, .

I am currently like you sat at home, with my wife working behind me on another computer, 2 teenage kids who have confined them selves to there room (if you have teens you know this is voluntary) and a 6 year old and child running around who may interrupt some of my mic time which you will have to forgive me for, he may even sing you a song at some point.

Its unnatural for me not to be out in the community or in the centre with you amazing lot but we have to be safe during these times.

Ultimately we want to be there for you as much as possible and so this is a radio station for you, the members and the carers and hopefully some of the staff will be listening too. You might even get a guest appearance from one or 2 of them at some point.

We have a lot of stuff planned but if you have any ideas for the days events please don’t hesitate to call text or email, the number and Skype name will come up intermittently between songs and stuff like adverts, but all of the RADIOS contact details can be found at the website www.hsradio.co.uk

I must stress this is the radios contact details and not headways so if you have any issues please contact your key workers directly unless its in communication time.

I know its hard for us all but together we can do this. Together whether on the phone or on the radio or whatever we can support each other.

We’re a team, we’re a community, We’re Headway SELNWK

So get yourself comfy and lets see how this goes

Remember Stay Safe, Stay in and Stay listening to  Headway Selnwk Radio

Call or Text: 07817951123

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